what we do and do not like

To enjoy our hospitality, we have some simple requests.
Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Arriving: As you will see, our house is almost at the end of a blind street. For this reason, please park wisely by taking into consideration that more cars might arrive, and always be kind and considerate to other guests.

Timing: Unless you want to wander around and enjoy the wonderful surroundings, please do turn up on time.
You wouldn’t be late to a friend’s dinner, would you?

Seating: You will sit with perfect strangers. This is probably the best thing about a supper club: you get to meet and share both food and a joyful time with other people.

Drink: Unless specified, drinks are included: a glass of bubbles for aperitivo, water, red or white wine, coffee and after-dinner digestif. If you have other preferences you can BYOB – Bring Your Own Beverage/Bottles – with no corkage fee. If you do, please do be generous and share with the rest of the table.

Service: A supper club is not a restaurant, so please don’t expect to have the same standard of service. If you need water but everyone is busy, feel free to help yourself If you drop your napkin, we suggest you pick it up. There are no servants or waiters in a home. Keep your cutlery between courses, French style. The less washing up (which we do by hand), the better.

Menu and courses: please, do not change your mind at the last minute and suddenly decide that you are vegan, allergic to something quite basic like olive oil, reveal that you hate garlic or that you are super allergic to nuts. Again, dinners are planned, catered and prepared in advance. That’s why you can read the menu long before booking. For further information, please check out the full Supper Club Etiquette.

Conversation: The supper club is a fantastic opportunity for networking, getting jobs, contacts and even romance. It’s rare for boring people to attend supper clubs: we believe people are self-selecting, therefore only the adventurous and curious tend to come.

Manners: It’s ok to start eating before the other guests get their food. Our supper club is run by cooking lovers and you never know how long it will be before everyone is served, so eat up while it’s hot! Things are often served family-style at supper clubs, and you will have to do a mental calculation of the size of your portion in comparison to the amount of guests at the table. If there doesn’t seem to be enough, or if you particularly like the dish, feel free to ask us for more: you won’t be impolite and you won’t be charged – quite the opposite, you will give us joy. Family-style eating is also great for bonding over food, sparking conversation and being educated about living communally rather than in a ‘what’s mine is mine’ individualistic mindset.
Please try your best to avoid too-strong perfumes, colognes, shampoos or any other smell that might disturb other guests with a sensitive nose, or that might prevent others from enjoying our food and drinks’ aromas.

Pets: As much as we love animals (especially wild ones!), it is impossible to know whether one of our guests might have problems with them, allergies or similar issues. Therefore, we prefer not to allow them in the house or in its premises and ask that you leave yours at home.

Research: Please do read the information on our website and that you will be given with your booking. We kindly ask you not to constantly email us with lots of questions before the dinner: we don’t have a reservation clerk, so this is very time consuming (and we might dislike you before even meeting you!).

Cancellations: if you really must, please cancel at least 48 hours before the dinner, as we will have already bought the ingredients if you do it later. Unlike in restaurants, we cannot sell leftover food the next day. And please do turn up, it’s rude if you don’t! If you really can’t attend, you can always ask a friend to replace you. We will try to make up for your absence and fill the table anyway, but if there is really no alternative we ask that the cost of the dinner is still paid.

Complaints: This is harsh territory. If you have a serious complaint, mention it at the moment or drop an email the next day. If you fancy yourself a blogger or reviewer, don’t be smarmy on the night and then slag the supper club off in print the next day. Unless your name is V. M. Visintin, you are just being rude to a private individual who is doing their best.

trufflenbed - bed and breakfast and supper club - Siena, Toscana, Italia


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trufflenbed - bed and breakfast and supper club - Siena, Toscana, Italia

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Supper Clubs are peculiar things.

trufflenbed - bed and breakfast and supper club - Siena, Toscana, Italia


We lay at the heart of Tuscany.

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